Posted by: pursuingsub17 | June 15, 2009

Running 25K in high temperatures and little fuel

Last week was a week of nothing for work outs. By Friday I was getting really cranky. Saturday morning I did 45 mins on the windtrainer and decided it was high time to get a long slow run in on Sunday. I was planning on running early but I slept in. I noticed the temperature was creeping up quickly and it was supposed to hit 27 degrees (high 8os in farenheit) so I got organized quickly, packed up two gels, sports beans, a four-bottle fuel belt and went out the door at 10:30am.

The first hour and a half was great – felt no pain and I was keeping hydrated. I had munched on some sports beans and determined that my next batch of fuel should be consumed in another 40 minutes. I rounded the corner to start heading back for the last 12 kilometers, listening to one of my favorite tunes, when suddenly I ran out of steam. Just like that. It was getting hot. I was down to my last bottle of water (which I was dousing my head and legs with). I stopped at the grocery store to cool off and get a liter of water – filled up my bottles and away I went.

It occurred to me that maybe I should have had a Gatorade too – or at least something that had sodium and potassium. I was sweating a lot. I remembered Marc’s advice about downing a cold coke before the last 10K. That would be about the time that I would hit the next convenience store. I ate a gel, downed some water, and by the time I got to the Macs store, I needed more water and bought that coke because my legs still felt like dead weights. I drank the coke and headed out for the homestretch. I still felt like hell. I didn’t want anymore water – I felt like I had too much. I felt like I had the flu. Everything ached and I wanted to throw up. Eventually, I just didn’t have anything left – although I did push myself to the point where I only had less than a kilometer to go. I walked the rest of the way. Well, limped because my feet were cramped.

Last night I still felt sick. What was wrong with me? I could run 21K no problem. I told Marc my legs didn’t hurt – just felt exhausted. “How many gels did you take?” he asked. “Two and a pack of sports beans.” He shook his head “you bonked. You ran out of fuel. You should’ve had at least four gels with you – the sports beans don’t have enough calories.” His coke theory was the last ditch effort after all the gels had been consumed – I didn’t tell him I didn’t have the last gel. So really, I had a pack of sports beans and one gel in me at 17K. He also told me I should have at least had a coke and a bag of salty chips. He wouldn’t normally suggest that but in my case, I should have had at least that.

I knew this. I just forgot. Last year, I ran 32k and had a gel every half hour whether I felt like I needed it or not. How easily we forget our training tips after a year of not doing any endurance training! And how easily I forget how bloody hot 28 degrees can be!


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