Posted by: pursuingsub17 | June 11, 2009

I’m obsessing about my transition times

My official results are posted. I still feel I did well but now that I can compare my time to others, I’m going through the “where could I have shaved off time?” obsessive thoughts.

My swim, bike and run were good. Maybe I could have gone faster on the swim. The wind affected my bike. I gave it all without blowing up. I was all out on the run. I know I’m not currently capable of running a 25 min 5k alone, never mind after a hard bike ride. I know I did my best. But I’m still in the lower half. That would be okay if it wasn’t for the fact that had I been 8 minutes faster, I would have been in the upper 50% – possibly even the top in my age group.

Where did I go wrong then? A few mistakes on the swim and some stupid moves in T1. I should have entered the water sooner at the start. Then my timing chip started coming off so I had to tread water and tighten it (Marc said next time tuck the band under the wetsuit as long as the chip is exposed). I forgot to spit and seal my goggles – so my right goggle filled with water if I did front crawl. I stopped a few times to drain the water out and had to do breaststroke a lot. But I still wound up dead center, out in the clear on the homestretch so I hammered in. My time was 19 minutes. It very well could have been 16 to 17.

I really messed up in T1. A woman next to me persistantly told me she couldn’t feel her fingers and couldn’t pull her wetsuit off. Thankfully, I didn’t feel compelled to help her but I was trying to calm her down while getting out of mine and trying to focus on getting my bike gear on. That made me lose my focus. When she took off, I was struggling with whether or not I should put my wind jacket on. Before the race, Marc said to make the decision what to wear and stick with it, no matter what. Don’t think – just do, as Yoda said to Luke.

At the last minute, I chose to wear socks with the bike shoes because I heard someone say that’s what they’re going to do. I overheat – even in the cold – yet here I was putting socks on. I put a jersey on, then my jacket, sunglasses, bike gloves, took bike gloves off, then my race belt and…pop, the paper race number ripped off one side. I spent the next 3 minutes trying to punch a hole in the waxy coated race bib for fear the other side would rip while on the bike. I discovered later that if it it did and I lost it, I just had to hollar out my number if need be. Besides, I was body marked!!

Shoulda coulda woulda. Today as I’m nursing an aching shoulder from the swim, I’m focused on improving transition. There aren’t that many lake swim triathlons up this way so I have to wait until next year to do one – in the meantime, I’ve signed up for a triahlon in the fall. It’s a pool swim but at least it will give me time to practice transition.

Until then, I have a 15k race on Canada Day (july 1st) and then the marathon in August. Must get back into training and learn to focus!


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