Posted by: pursuingsub17 | June 9, 2009

How soon can I get back into training after a race?

What an amazing morning today. It was just beautiful. The air was crisp, the sun was bright, the sky was blue and the birds were singing. The little pond near our condo where I walk the dog was so still, it looked like a mirror. It would have been a perfect morning for a run – I wished I planned to get up earlier.

But walking the dog up the hill and back to the condo, my legs still felt heavy. I wondered how long I should wait before training again as I have a 15k and a marathon coming up. I was supposed to do speedwork today. Is one day enough to recover from a sprint race? I usually just take one day off after my Sunday long runs.

My web search turned up nada. Is this not a regular tri-newbie question? Or am I just not using the right search terms? Blast it – have to consult my ex-coach. Marc said three to four days. I believe him. Sounds about right. Mentally though, I want to run. I totally want to run like a little dog across a wide open field of green. But, I know I have to take a few days to recover. A race horse or a greyhound never runs two consecutive races. Humans shouldn’t either – although, I have heard of many triathletes who beg to differ.

Well, fine. That’s the amateur “I must train!!” athlete mentality that I have. Did I ever mention that I have a tendency to overdo it? heh heh. Demon scores a point.

I’ll go for a wee 1/2 hour run just to get the legs moving.


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