Posted by: pursuingsub17 | June 7, 2009

Sprint race went well – with a few lessons learned

First off, I didn’t sleep well last night. Not because I was upset with Marc, I was just in a mental panic over the swim. I had dreams of showing up late for the race, another where they body marked me with the wrong number and then ran out of ink so they couldn’t change it; and finally another where my mom loaded my bike in her car but when we left to get in the car, someone stole it – with my bike. I had to call Marc – who was already at the race and tell him I couldn’t race ‘cos the  bike was stolen with Mom’s car. Actually, I was partially relieved in that dream.

Still – I overcame anxiety and fear. I did well – following the advice of the other triathletes from yesterday as well as Marc (more on that later), I rocked the swim despite the freezing water – some people bailed. Marc told me to wear his neoprene swim cap under my race cap and start off doing breast stroke, try and do a few front crawl strokes and back to breast stroke. He told me not to focus on time – the weather conditions were going to slow everyone down. No kidding. The swim was one thing but the bike was worse. The wind was so forceful, I felt like I was biking up hill the entire bike route. We were on a flat course. My run was amazing. The first 10 minutes were spent trying to catch my breath and get my rubber legs to work. I ran the 5K in about 24 or 25 mins.

Total time: 1 hr, 57 mins. I am pleased. The official time will be posted in the next few days so I’ll post the actual on my results page.

As for my issue with Marc? We worked it out. My crying episode lasted a grand total of 5 mins  – shook my head and said “you’re a tough girl, bring it up later when your head is clear.” We showed up at the race early – my fault for not looking at the schedule – and immediately, Marc started helping me out with my bike, what to place out in transition, when to put the wetsuit on and other last minute details that were actually helpful. I told him I appreciated him being there – especially when I’ve been to a lot of his ;).  Anyway, we discussed things calmly. I presented my side and he presented his – which included not realizing how bonheaded his comment was last night. No sense in repeating the conversation. No one ever remembers what was exactly said and it’s usually biased. Point is, we were adults and the relationship is once again, solid. At the end of my race, he said he was really proud of me – I accomplished a heck of a feat given the conditions.

Coaching relationship, however, not so much. I learned another valuable lesson – never, ever, get a family member, spouse, significant other, or best friend to be your coach. Not a good idea. It puts a strain on a relationship no matter how healthy. After this, I am not using Marc as a coach – not because he’s a bad coach – but because coaching and close relationships don’t work. I think there are others out there who can vouch for this. It’s like working for your parents or getting your husband to teach you how to drive. Besides – I did super well without his help 😀

Now I am wiped. I made myself an awesome post race meal- scrambled eggs and hashbrowns mixed with cheese, bacon bits, green onion and sour cream. Excellent post race meal – lots of protein, carbs and salt!


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