Posted by: pursuingsub17 | June 5, 2009

Ironman burn out – how do I get him motivated?

Okay, it’s been almost a week since the marathon and he said he would start training. He has less than three months to get ready for this Ironman Canada race and he’s done absolutely no training at all other than a few runs as a coach to Prima. Time to use some military tactics. I’m going to email his old coach today. I would email his former teammate but I know that Andrew’s tried several times to get Marc out on a bike ride and Marc has one excuse after another. I have to use the “former coach” card.

No more “I’m injured – I was injured, I’m tired, I’m working”. He needs to figure out his priorities. Why is he working this weekend? Because he chose to. He runs his own renovations company on the side of his full time 10 hour a day job. No wonder he’s burned out. I set up the spare bedroom with all his Ironman race photos, autographed magazines from Lisa Bentley and Peter Reid (he met Lisa and did a weekend camp with Peter), and posters. They’re hanging everywhere you look.

Maybe I need to tell him “If you can’t get motivated to train, how are you going to motivate a team of 6 next year?” I started thinking about Prima’s marathon time. Really, she only shaved off 6 minutes from last year. Was he that great of a coach? He could be but his motivation stinks.

That aside, I have to focus on my first race this weekend. I’m not even nervous. I should be but I’m not. Maybe I’m just really prepared. I’ve done the training. Transition isn’t making me nervous at all. The swim should make me nervous but really, I was a swimmer before anything else. I’ve swam in open water – it’s just been awhile. In an hour I’ll be picking up my wetsuit – tomorrow I’ll test the waters. It’s only supposed to be +10 degrees celcius! That’s in the low fifties in farenheit for my American friends.

Oh, and I stubbed my toe yesterday and broke it! LOL! Just my year of stupid injuries – the toe, the finger (which I don’t think it’s broken but I did do some soft tissue and nerve damage) and of course the shoulder injury in February that still acts up. Is that stopping me? Absolutely not. So feeling aches and pains shouldn’t stop Marc either.

Hopefully my race might get him motivated. He’s been lying to people – yapping about his Ironman race coming up and he hasn’t even shown  interest in training. I guess if contacting the old coach works, it’s up to Marc. This might be a lesson for him. If he does very little training, he won’t do well. If he doesn’t train at all, he can’t race and wasted $500 +.

I’ll tell you all about how my secret plan pans out in the next few days – and give you a low down on how the water felt after my practice swim tomorrow!


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