Posted by: pursuingsub17 | June 3, 2009

Sometimes a triathlete has to get sneaky

I did a lot of thinking last night. I do need people to train with – and obviously having Prima Donna on the team will be a good influence. As I said before, I’m envious but in a positive way. She has a natural talent and I know that the only way I can be as fast as her on the run is if I train harder. All the more power to her. But guess what? I kick ass on the swim and she’s scared of the bike – something I overcame recently. Maybe a little competition is what I need and I can definitely learn from her through observation when it comes to the run. I also have one up on her – I’ve done one triathlon already and about to do another and one more in the fall. I’ve also been around it so much being at Marc’s races and hanging out with his former teammates that I know more what to expect than someone who has never done a triathlon. I know what to do in transition. I’m not nervous. I have a strong understanding of proper nutrition and I know what it takes to endure a longer distance. I’m competitive – but not so much that I make mistakes.

I also have a secret weapon, an innate ability that will get me across a finish line when others give up – I have an incredibly high tolerance to pain. That, combined with the fact that I am very stubborn, I will finish a race – regardless of my time. I’m not a quitter. I’m competitive, but not to a point where I will quit if I can’t get a PB.

So I will stay on Marc’s team, both to make him happy and because having people to train with will be good. “But what happens if you don’t get the proper coaching you need?” is a question many of you are asking. Well, I’ve realized I just have to get sneaky. I’ve looked into some coaching programs online, including the IronGuides. I doubt seriously if Marc will give me a training plan – history tells me that. But even if he does, at this point, I don’t have the faith in him that it will be to my benefit but rather, just to keep me happy. Last night, I told him about the IronGuides plan – maybe that would help him when determining plans for the team – and all he said was that he had “all kinds of triathlon plans” in his magazines and books so when he has time, he will put one together for me. Uh huh. Heard that one before. So, no. I don’t believe he will devise something specifically for me and I really don’t think I’ll get the feedback I need. I’ll join the team for training reasons – but I’ll be following the advice of an online coach.

There – like my mother says, sometimes you just have to nod and agree and then do your own thing. I am going to get better, faster, stronger without Marc and I am going to kick some princess butt.


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