Posted by: pursuingsub17 | June 2, 2009

If you lack motivation, go watch a race

We had a great weekend. Marc and I headed down to Calgary on Saturday to watch some runners that we know run the Calgary marathon. Marc is coaching a woman in the group so he felt he wanted to be there as she was trying to qualify for the Boston marathon.

Calgary has a great trail along the river. We road our bikes alongside the runners – or I should say I did and Marc biked next to his prima donna student (oops – was that my outside voice?). The run was good. It was tough but everyone did well. Prima Donna missed her cut off by 4 minutes but hey – that’s still damn good. My former running partner did it in 4:34. She shaved off almost an hour from her last marathon! If anyone deserves recognition, it’s her. She did an awesome job. I’m aiming for that time myself in the Edmonton marathon.

So it was an inspiring race too. Watching others makes me want to do better. Thankfully, there was an influence on Marc too. He was starting to worry me as he has IronMan Canada at the end of August and has lost his “mojo” for training. Driving back, he said this was good for him. I’m glad. Last week I was tempted to contact his old coach in Winnipeg to get him to light a fire under Marc’s butt. Marc isn’t out of the water yet so I might still play that card but for now, he’s showing an effort.

As for my “should I join a team” dilemma, Marc still wants to start a team. I said I would join but it is my understanding that Prima Donna wants to be coached by Marc to do the IronMan CDA 2011 too. Hmph. So I told him last night that I would join the team but if I find that I’m not getting the coaching I need to get better because Prima Donna is absorbing all his attention, I can’t stay on the team just because he’s my boyfriend. He looked a bit surprised but really, have I not been complaining about the lack of guidance from him? Yeah. You all know it, I know it, my friend, Brenda knows it. I’m sure Prima Donna knows it. Marc doesn’t get it – still. I told him I am serious about triathlon – just as serious about doing better personally as Prima Donna does so if he’s going to focus on those who already have an incredible talent, then I’ll be firing him as a coach, quit the team and go elsewhere. It wasn’t a threat to our relationship – just as a coach and student. I told him I have to look after my own best interests. And really, the rest of the team will suffer too if he puts all of his energy into one person.

It sounds like I’m whining. Yes, I’m envious of her talent. She’s good. But that’s not what the issue is. The issue is that I don’t want to do a half-ass job. I’m serious about this. And I need a coach who cares enough to want to help me achieve the next level. I need guidance and support from someone who is taking me seriously and wants to see me do well – not just finish.

My first race is this Sunday. I’ve done my training alone, did my own research, pulled off my own training plan from the internet. But after this, it’s time to kick it up a notch – maybe spectating some more races will help 🙂


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