Posted by: pursuingsub17 | May 23, 2009

Flipping the bird to the triathlon gods

I told everyone that I’m taking a holiday from them. And so far it’s been good. I’m feeling more relaxed. I’ve finally dusted my condo and even got rid of trickets from a past relationship that were just taking up space. I don’t even know why I kept that crap other than to decorate my first apartment after the split up. It felt good.

So good, I actually felt “me” and back on track. Today, since I had a clean condo and groceries in my fridge, I decided to go for a long overdue swim and attempt bi-lateral breathing. Well, holy crow, I did it. I couldn’t keep it constant because my breathing rythm was off – probably because I was attempting something new – but I didn’t inhale any water, choke and embarass myself.

I followed up with a bike ride. Well, first, I deflated, rather than topped up my low tires. I couldn’t keep the attachment for the bike pump on. After several tries and a battle to keep that “angry” demon down, I stopped for a breather, covered in frustration sweat. Marc was on the phone trouble shooting when he said “I’ll fix it when I get home tonight.” (ooohh, here comes she-hulk). “I want to bike now – not tonight.” I told him I needed to hang up as I could feel myself getting angry. Yup, he was okay with that – seen “evil me” before. After a break, I realized I had the lever that locks on the mechanism to the “tire tit” open. I was attaching it with the lever closed and then opening it up and of course it wouldn’t pump any air in. So tires inflated, I put on my race day tri-suit – best to break it in now. Hmmm – don’t remember seeing that mid tire before when I tried it on. Oh well, suck it up.

Starting out, I felt unbalanced. Something felt crooked. My imaginiation maybe? I hadn’t been out in awhile. At my first lights to cross the highway, I unclipped the right…and fell to the left. Thankfully, I swung my other leg around in time and  unclipped the left foot easily. But it rattled me. There was a woman on a road bike right behind me. I apologized and told her to go ahead. She just smiled and said thanks. Probably thought “I’ve been there before.” I shook my head and moved on.

Five minutes later at a four way stop, I unclipped, leaned to the right…and fell left again, smacking the pavement, and skinned my knee. Cursing profusely, I got up, a little dissappointed that the numerous drivers passing around me didn’t ask if I was okay. Thinking it’s time to pack it in, I noticed my seat was facing left of center. Okay, I’m not a useless tri-biker. I fixed it and thought – if I don’t get back on, I’ll be giving up. That’s not going to happen. Briefly, I wondered if fate telling me, “don’t get on the bike! A car will hit you!” But I forced my self to keep going – this time focusing more.

Well, today, I biked for 90 mins and mastered the aero bars. This ride was the best and most accomplished yet. So there you triathlon gods – go ahead and test me all you want. You can’t stop me!


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