Posted by: pursuingsub17 | May 21, 2009

So it looks like I’m in a sprint race in 2 weeks

Last night I made the resolve to just suck it up and go alone. What am I, five years old? I thought the best way to handle it was to focus on the technical stuff in the next two weeks while I’m tapering (wow – I actually used that word and understood what it meant). I thought I would just get Marc to show me how to put the bike rack on, make my list for equipment, get him to look over the bike and give me a crash course in changing a tire and maybe read the “race day preparation” chapter in my triathlon book. If I can do this by myself, I can handle anything. I might forget a few things – like going to the bathroom before the race or put my wetsuit on backwards, but damn it, I was going!

Ha! And then Marc got a call from his brother and yes, he is going to be out of town the following week. I told him that. I had heard his dad say they were going on their trip the week of June 12th, not June 5th. Oh, but men never listen. Well, Marc doesn’t remember much so I should have just trusted my instincts.

So this leads to my next issue – renting the wetsuit. The store I shop at – the one of two tri-stores in the city – didn’t have them in last weekend. I’ll have to go tomorrow and take my chances. When the owner found out I was doing the first open water swim sprint tri of the year, she said “oh, yeah, you’re gonna need a wetsuit.” Really? Yes, when the temperature dropped a week and a half ago to a point where we got snow on the May long weekend, that pretty much confirmed it for me too. I saw an older man do that race two years ago. He was in blue Speedos. Everyone else had wetsuits on. He was one of the last ones out of the water and had a big grin on his face – or it was a grimmace of pain.

No matter. This is it. Down to the wire on my first tri. I’m on my way.


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