Posted by: pursuingsub17 | May 4, 2009

Heavy training weekend

So obviously all worked out in the end. My grandmother is fine – the stroke didn’t affect her mentally or physically – it was only temporary. But she does have to take it easy. As for my step-dad, I told Mom to tell him not to worry. Yeah, I was mad but there was no sense in carrying it on. I know he feels bad about what he did and he did it because he was worried about Mom and my grandmother, didn’t know what was going on and was three sheets to the wind when he called. Far be it from me to criticise someone for doing something stupid because they’ve had too much to drink. It would be like calling the kettle black. And he’s 67 years old so to expect a direct apology is wishful thinking. I know he feels bad and the two of us got along just fine on Saturday night – even had a few good laughs.

What did I learn from this? Get over it. Shit happens and grudges just suck the energy out of you. Instead, I focused on getting my workouts in – and I did just that.

I forced myself to get on the bike and wound up biking for an hour and a half. I’m getting more comfortable with biking fast, dealing with gusts of wind and clipping in and out. I followed it with a 40 minute run. Saturday I swam for 40 minutes and yesterday I did a long slow run for 13k. It was supposed to be 20k but I was just too pooped and the longest I’ve run since the end of the season last year has been 10k. Baby steps.

So the weekend turned out good. I have my week ahead planned. Already work is draining me. I absolutely hate being here. If I could work from home, I’d be much happier. But then, wouldn’t we all? 🙂


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