Posted by: pursuingsub17 | April 27, 2009

Where for art thou, nice fitting tri suit?

I went shopping on the weekend for a nice pair of bike pants at the one of two local triathlon stores. Speaking to one of the owners, who knows Marc well and is a Kona IronMan finisher and coach, I asked what she would recommend. I told her I had the Orca bottoms with the semi-padded shammy and she said that will probably do me just fine. I said “so I should just suck it up and get used to it, is what you’re telling me?” That made her laugh.

So I went about searching for at least a nice tri-suit one piece or two piece. That’s when I realized I either have an odd shape or it’s about high time the designers of triathlon wear realize we’re not all built the same. I found a great one piece by 2XU – a nice blue and white. Making sure it was “women’s”, I went into the change room to try it on. Sigh. Fit me in the bottom and the legs but WAAAAYY too tight on top. I know what you’re thinking – they are supposed to fit tight but this was “I can’t breath” tight. No, actually, “I can’t get this over my chest” tight. I couldn’t even force my arms through for fear I would rip it.

So back to plan B – a large tri top and medium tri bottoms. Now all I need is a tri-short with a girdle insert :).

I wound up with nothing. Why? Every tri-bottom was small or extra small. I felt dejected. I’m not a big person. Are triathletes teeny tiny little things? Marc put me at ease. When I told him, he laughed. “Element is one of two triathlon stores in the city and there are a lot of triathletes here. Everytime you get an email saying a new shipment is in, you better get down there.”

Relief! They were out of my size because the majority of triathletes are my size!

Someday, somewhere, I shall find a triathlon outfit that will fit me! That day will come soon. Hmm – or should I risk ordering online?


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