Posted by: pursuingsub17 | April 25, 2009

Training in Canada

I’ve been doing well this week – bike and a run on Tuesday, swim on Wednesday and a run yesterday. I need more time on the bike but, alas, it is yet again another weekend of cool weather and snow. The snow isn’t bad – looks more like a bunch of ashes flying around but it’s still not warm enough to go zipping down the hills in our river valley. Damn. I was looking forward to that today now that I’m getting used to those bike clips.

The snow is pretty and there’s a lovely damp, spring smell in the air but as I was walking the dog this morning, I kept thinking, “signing up for a sprint the first week in June?? What was I thinking!!??”  Training in Northern Canada is definitely tough. The thought of dressing up in long wind pants and a heavy jacket and bike gloves is not very motivating – but neither is sitting on a windtrainer bruising up my bottom and not going anywhere for an hour. But I’m not the only triathlete up here. There are others. I don’t know how they do it. Training up here definitely takes more than physical stamina – it takes a lot of mental stamina too. Just have to focus on seeing myself finish the race. Focus on the goal.

You know what really makes me laugh though? My swim training schedule has the occasional “open water” swims. Ha! That’s funny. Where??? Northern Alberta doesn’t exactly have a lot of lakes to swim in – and if I’m right, the ice barely melted – or there’s still some left.

Now I’m thinking as much as I like Ceour d’Alene, Penticton might be the IronMan of choice as it’s at the end of August. This would give me more time to train in the nicer weather. Hmmm – maybe Marc and I should move afterall. Or, maybe I should just quit being a wimp.

Anyway, gotta go! I have to get on a bike that doesn’t go anywhere. Wonder if there’s any good flicks on the tube?


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