Posted by: pursuingsub17 | April 22, 2009

Getting used to the bike

Well, as you can probably guess, I had quite a lot to drink on Saturday. I actually don’t remember my cousins leaving. We went to bed at 11:30 and we were up at 7am to head out to St. Albert. I felt deathly ill but Mom gave us some coffee, a bottle of water (to which I added a Nuun tablet) and a few bran muffins. When we saw the start and hopped in Marc’s Journey to get to the next best view point, he informed me he’s not fussy about bran muffins – when I added they had raisens in them, he winced 🙂

We met up with old running friends afterwards. By this point, my hangover was immense and my blood sugar level extremely low. I was acting silly around Marc but kept quiet around the others. A lot of them are doing really well. One of them, my old running partner, is about 5 minutes faster than me and is hoping to qualify for the Boston marathon in 2010. Hmm. That put me in my place. Here I was supposed to do a block workout and I was too hungover to do so and she’s telling me she’s increasing her speed enough to aim for Boston. Good God. I need to smarten up. But watching everyone in the race made me twitch. I wanted to be out there soooo bad! I felt like a dog tied up to a tree in front of a perfectly good field to run.

So after a recovery day on Monday, I headed out on the bike on Tuesday. I think I have the bike clips licked! I never fell. I unclipped well in advance of stopping and I can even get off the bike without leaning over so far that I just tip the bike and fall off. Nope. Now I come to a complete stop and hop forward with grace, keeping my left foot clipped in and when I’m ready to cross and turn into the far lane, I hop my rear back on and push off with my right foot, clip in, and away I go. I was even practicing turns. Then…I followed up with a 20 minute hard run with no breaks. I did 2 miles in 19:45. Yeah – maybe ran too hard but hot damn, I felt good.

Today, I actually made it out to the pool after work and swam 1000 meters in 25 minutes – slowing down out of courtesy for the other swimmers in my lane. Won’t do that again on a weeknight though – only one lane open! That’s a lot of pressure to hurry up and go so I might have to opt for an early morning swim on my “swim” days.

But I feel good – it’s Wednesday – and I promised myself that I would take it easy this weekend. Marc and I are doing Vietnammese take out and Quantum of Solace on Saturday (after a swim workout in the morning) and on Sunday, I’m watching Brenda do her second annual 5K race to raise money for the Kidney Foundation. God knows her and I are going to need one at some point – or maybe a new liver.

Okay – no negativity. Marc told me to cut that out on Sunday after I felt a low from my running friends putting me to shame. He said I am a lot faster than last year.

Happy Wednesday everyone – it’s all downhill from here!


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