Posted by: pursuingsub17 | April 18, 2009

Can not stand being around a lot of people

I’m in my parents’ office and I cna hear everyone upstairs. I took a sneak walk outside and enjoyed watching the birds and squirels and listening to the wind and no one else. At this moment I know that I belong somewhere where it is very difficult  for the world to find me. I felt at peace here.

Did I have anything to drink? Oh, yeah, I did.  I like my wine and I appreciate it – unlike others who just want to guzzle. But still, I sit here and I can hear my family upstairs and they just talk and talk and talk and all i want is peace. So I drank a bottle of white wine and i feel a little buzzed but I think as long as I recognize it , I should be okay and not drink too much to a point wher I need to just lay down and go to sleep. I think I’m letting Marc’s personal family problems get to me.

Anyway, I better go. They will find me sooner or later because I just heard one of them say “where is Lorel??” and I don’t want my family knowing about this blog.

Take care and be strong,

pursuing sub17


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