Posted by: pursuingsub17 | April 17, 2009

Staying focused

Okay, it worked. On my way home after work, that little demon kept whispering in my ear, “Mmmm – vodka ceasar, extra spicy, lots of salt. Yummy!” But I shook my head and remembered what I had said about visualizing and staying focused. It was sunny yesterday – a little windy – but I pictured myself out for that hour run (actually, Ontri said to do 55 mins) I pictured the route I was going to take – perhaps see if that paved loop around the fourth man made lake in the neighborhood had been completed yet. I love to explore when I’m out on runs and finding new and improved routes so I stayed focused on how much I enjoy that. I also thought “okay, it doesn’t have to be a hard run – just a nice, easy 55 mins.”

I got home and realized that even if I walked the dog, I’d bail so I hurried up and put my gear on – Fuel Belt, water, Carb Boom gel, iPod, Asics runners, and out the door I went. I ran 9.80 kms in 54:30. Holy crap. That’s pretty damn good for me.

Okay, yeah, I had a few beers with my pizza for dinner but I finished up the evening with some sparkling water and lime. Today, I’m off for a half hour swim (supposed to be a 15 minute open water swim according to my Ontri plan but sorry guys – the ice has barely melted off any lake around here – which are few and far between anyway). I’ll follow it with a 1:15 bike – although I’m not sure if it will be outside or not. It’s pretty freakin’ windy today.

Tonight Marc and I are meeting Brenda at Hudson’s for some grub and a pint and then off to see Marc’s friend, Joe, perform with his band, DeVonder, at Likwid Lounge. I will reward myself at Hudson’s with a BIG honkin’ plate of poutine and some steak bites.

Stay focused friends – practice the art of visualization. It works. Just gotta remember to do it, that’s all!


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