Posted by: pursuingsub17 | March 23, 2009

Great training weekend

Okay – I was off to a slow start thanks to a bottle of wine Thursday night but I finished off pretty damn good. After my run on Friday, I logged onto my page and planned out the rest of the week. Of course I had to make adjustments as I’ve fallen behind a tad but at least I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing now on a weekly basis. Saturday I was on the bike for 25 minutes. It was supposed to be 45 but lack of time and other commitments meant I had to cut it short but at least I was on the bike for the first time since hurting my shoulder.

Sunday – I felt I was at my best. I went to bed Saturday night with just a couple of beer with dinner, slept like a baby and went for my first swim since September, 2008. The shoulder felt fine. It was stiff, but no pain. Today, I feel it in both shoulders but more so that “hurt in a good way” type of dull muscle pain when you haven’t been using a particular muscle group in awhile.

I was counting how much time I have left before my first sprint distance triathlon – two months and two weeks approximately. When I get back from my holiday in Palm Springs, I’ll have exactly two months and the snow isn’t gone yet. How am I going to practice balancing on a lightweight road bike with aerobars when I’m used to a big ol’ mountain bike?? Keep praying the snow and ice will be gone by the end of April!

Now the rest of the week will be a test – started the new hours at work so we’ll see if I manage to get my training in during the week instead of loading up on the weekend. Palm Springs is another story. I’m bringing my running shoes and there is a pool so we’ll see.

Things are still looking up!


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