Posted by: pursuingsub17 | March 19, 2009

A new work schedule should give me more time

I’m dissappointed in myself for not getting my swim time in yet – life’s just been too hectic. But I did manage to get a bike in last Saturday (not outside yet though), a long run on Sunday and ….wait for it…a half hour run in Tuesday morning! I can’t believe I actually got my butt out of bed at 5:30 am. What’s my secret? Went to bed at 9:30pm (sorry Simon – haven’t been able to do the “bed before 9:00” yet).

I was really wondering how I’m going to do this. I’d rather swim, bike and run in the mornings but my work schedule was just too long during the day. Be at work by 8 am gave me no time to head to the pool or even get a 45 minute bike in and by the time I got home it was anywhere from 6 to 6:30 and I was too exhausted. But as fate would have it, I’ve volunteered giving up my Fridays off to work shorter shifts Monday to Friday. I’ll be coming in later and leaving earlier. I’m working the same amount but I have the feeling I won’t be so exhausted. I’ll be able to work out in the morning and work on my personal business projects when I get home from my real job.

So things are getting better – despite the fact that I was up until midnight last night working on a design project and now I’m too wiped out to work out. Oddly enough, my shoulder is achey too. I wonder if lack of sleep affects that? Anyway, that’s okay – by next week, it will be better. And I still have this weekend. My week holiday in April might throw me off a bit but I’ll be back in time to start training for the Edmonton ING Marathon in August and continue with the triathlon training.

So tomorrow I’ll see if I have it in me to go for a swim. Until then…


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