Posted by: pursuingsub17 | March 2, 2009

Learning triathlon through osmosis

Well, the wine festival was a hit. I found some really great buys. Best part was the company though. We went with Marc’s former teammate, his girlfriend and her twin sister. So out of the five, there were four seasoned IronMan finishers.

These guys are all incredible – other than some technical lingo about a computer pad for the bike (I must start reading more tri-mags) and discussions on cadence and heart rate, I found the conversations stimulating and enjoyable. There were no grand egos in this group. Just a simple question from me and they were all excited to share their secrets. And they’re regular, down to earth people who just seem to have a balanced, positive approach to life.

One thing I’ve noticed about the IronMan triathletes I’ve encountered is that they are incredibly supportive of each other. As a marathon runner, I find this refreshing. I found that runners are a different breed. They’re nice, but there seems to be less support. I’m sure there are prima-donnas in the triathlete world, as in any sport, but the majority of the ones I know love to help a fellow athlete out. They might be competing for that spot in Kona but they still seem to find the time to offer a newbie (or a fellow competitor) assistance.

Anyway, it was a great evening – lots of laughs and some good pointers. I now know the best way to make sure I have a spot for IronMan Canada in 2011 (if I do that one – Ceour d’Alene has a special place in my heart). I learned that I should volunteer the previous year, and what areas were the best to volunteer in.

How do you learn the ins and outs of becoming a triathlete? Best way is to get to know them – especially ones who are really great friends and have a great outlook on life.


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