Posted by: pursuingsub17 | February 27, 2009

The universe is telling me I need balance

I wanted desperately to go for a run today. Marc knew that. I said I would just go for a power walk on the treadmill – “mm-hmm – I know where this is going” he said. Trying to explain to him that I feel like a caged animal will get me nowhere – he’s been there before.

I learn a lot from Marc but not all at once. Things come out and as much as he thinks I don’t listen sometimes, I do. I take his advice wisely. I know not to eat a bag of twizzlers before a race thinking the sugar will give me energy – only to upchuck it all at the end of the race. That was my first lesson from him. That’s why he’s referred to as Twizz by his teammates. Funny story but it did teach me a little about nutrition for my first race.

But now I feel like a dog chained to a tree when there’s a perfectly good field to run across. I really had the desire to go – no procrastination. Today was a day off and all I had to do was walk 2 minutes down our condo hallway to get to the exercise room. Marc was working – what would he know? So after breakfast, I put on my running gear, strapped on my walkman, gave Sandy a cookie and said “be a good dog, I’ll be back”. With my full bottle of water and condo keys I went to grab the key to the work out room and …it’s gone.

Marc took it. He took it because the key to the storage cage in the underground parking is also on the keychain because he needed his sander for work. And he didn’t come home until 7pm and now I can’t go for a run because I’ll get a lecture. I know I shouldn’t anyway. No sense in making my injury worse. I do find it funny though how the universe conspires against you in your own best interests.

Things happen for a reason. I’ll be well rested and on the mend by next week. The sprint race isn’t until June 7th and I could probably do it now in my sleep so I should be okay…right? Yes, I’ll do fine. But I must say – good thing Marc’s in my life because he’s my voice of reason. And the universe is forcing me to take a rest. Hmph.

So I guess both Marc and the universe are my heros at the moment. I might feel like they’re punishing me but they’re only trying to teach me balance. I got it, I got it.


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