Posted by: pursuingsub17 | February 25, 2009

Injured shoulder

Well, what a lovely way to start things. Yesteray I slipped off a step that was covered in ice and snow and to protect my head, I flung my left arm out behind me and somehow injured my shoulder. It isn’t broken and I didn’t dislocate it but I did overstretch or pull the muscles in my shoulder down my tricep. Today, I can move it but it’s pretty stiff.

I’m already two weeks into my training for my first real triathlon race. It isn’t until the first week of June so I should be okay but this still sucks. I was going to do some lane swimming for the first time since September and couldn’t go last night. I was invited to Master’s Swim today but there is no way. I’ll be lucky if I can get a work out in even on the eliptical trainer¬†– maybe if I just keep my left hand on the stationary bar to keep my shoulder from moving?¬† Ah, but that’s my obsession with over doing it. One of my little demons (I better get that page going soon – oops – procrastination). If it gets any worse though, I’ll have to go to the doctor on Friday – thank God I get that day off.

But I won’t look at this as a negative – I have to realize that it could have been worse. This could have happened a few weeks before the race or I could have hit my head on the step and had a worse injury. The shoulder will heal. It took one for the team.

So tonight I’ll go home and baby the shoulder and try to fight boredom by reading a good book.

Wish me luck on the speedy healing.


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